Demsan Textile

Demsan Textile Company

Founded in Denizli, Turkey in 1982, DEMSAN (Denizli Mensucat San. ve Tic. As.) has been manufacturing variety of terry towels and bathrobes for over thirty years. Since then DEMSAN has grown into a fully integrated, international company that sells domestically across the country, and exports to twenty four countries around the world.

DEMSAN’s facilities are both modern and agile, covering over 35,000 m2 and incorporating technologies such as our serial Benninger warping and sizing machines, Schmale automatic cross cutting and hemming machines, and Dobby and Jacquard weaving looms. Utilizing these advanced technologies, our workforce of 275 are able to ensure precision and quality while still maintaining the level of efficiency required to produce over 200 tons of terry towels and bathrobes every month. Our greatest strength lies in our fully integrated production facility, from warping to weaving and from dyeing to finishing ensuring total control and synergy of all our products.

Over the course of thirty years DEMSAN has worked in cooperation with a large variety of other companies including, catalogs in the United States, largest manufacturers in the United Kingdom, boutique stores across France, and a well-known Japanese textile group. Working internationally around the world has given us the experience to ensure consistency in our quality and service. Our quality control procedures reflect years of experience and ensure tight limits over our entire product line.

Today our range of production covers Dobby and Jacquard terry towel and bathrobes, bedspreads, tea towels, shower curtains, bibs and more. The majority of our towels are made from fine Turkish combed and Egyptian combed yarn—providing for a remarkably soft product with a high level of absorbency. With our capability to dye over 15 tons of product per day, we are able to run regular programs with twenty five to thirty five colors and nine different sizes every month.



Sizing and Warping Unit was established in 1997.
The machine line in this department are;
• Benninger Warping Machine
• Benninger Sizing Machine
The Capacity of the Sizing & Warping unit is 28 million mts/year


Our weaving unit has 42 pcs of Sulzer
Weaving Looms, six of these looms
are jacquard and rest of them is dobby looms.
All the looms are equipped with
the latest technology.
Our weaving unit’s monthly capacity is 200 tons/month


Dyeing & Finishing Unit was established in 2002. Our dye
house is equipped with high tech machines such as; Chemical
automation system, Data Color system and the water treatment
center. Our daily dyeing capacity is 15 tons.
Dye House Machine Line Included;
17 HT Dying Machines
3 Squeezing Machines
1 Rope Opener Machine
2 Anglada Turbang Machines
1 Bruckner Sizing Machine with 3,20 mt width
2 Quality Control machines
3 Greater Matbach Color boxes


Our make up unit equipped with;
• 1 Schmale Cutting Machine
• 3 Schmale Long Side Hemming Machine and Hemming Machine
• 1 Schmale semi-automatic short side hemming machine
• 1 Schmale short side cutting machine
• 2 Metal detectors

Quality Control